7 Port Underfloor Heating Manifold

7 Port Manifold — At Soleheat we pride ourselves in stocking only the highest quality products. The manifold consists of two bars, one for the flow and one for the return complete with ball valves and drain valves. On the flow bar are flow indicators for each port to help balance the system to compensate for various pipe runs. This helps the control of the heat output on the different zones of the system. Each port on the return bar is equipped with a control valve and cap which allows you to adjust the volume of water used.

7 Port Manifold Includes:
– Installation guide
– 2 x manifold body (flow and return)
– Flow meters on each port (0-5 l/min)
– 2 x isolation ball valves with temperature gages
– Manual control valves on each port (can be replaced with electro-thermal actuators)
– 2 x water drain/fill valves with blank cap
– 2 x automatic air vent with manual bleed
– 2 x fixing brackets
14 x Pipe Connector Cores

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