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Grip Rails – 1 metre

Interlocking rails designed to hold our 16mm pipe in place. The self adhesive strip on the back help..

£1.20 Ex Tax: £1.00

60mm High Grip Barbed Pipe Clips x100

For holding in place the pipe when installed on top of rigid insulation boards. Offer high grip due ..

£3.60 Ex Tax: £3.00

Alumunium Double Spreader Plate

Designed to sit on wooden joists with 400mm spacings. The groves are 200mm apart and designed to fit..

£4.44 Ex Tax: £3.70

Alumunium Triple Spreader Plate

Aluminium Triple Spreader Plate perfect installing underfloor heating on joisted floating floors tha..

£5.16 Ex Tax: £4.30

Pipe Reamer

A best quality and long lasting professional grade pipe reamer is designed for PEX-AL-PEX underfloor..

£7.07 Ex Tax: £5.89

External Bending Spring

A best quality external bending spring by Rifeng is Useful when a number of different bends are need..

£8.38 Ex Tax: £6.98

Pipe Cutter

Rifeng rachet cutter is ideal to use with pex al pex piping for fast, clean and simple cuts. (14mm-3..

£9.54 Ex Tax: £7.95

25m x Edge Insulation Roll 5mm x 150mm

Installed around the perimeter of the UFH installation to help combat heat loss.The edge insulation ..

£13.00 Ex Tax: £10.83

Electrothermic Manifold Actuator

Watts Electrothermic Actuators, series 22C, are ON/OFF devices used for automatic actuation of each ..

£14.34 Ex Tax: £11.95