Central Touch Panel Control Unit

Central Touch Panel Control Unit

Product Code: Central Touch Panel Control Unit
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The Flexel “Central Control System” is a multizone central heating control system. It consists of a centrally located colour touch screen panel that communicates wirelessly with thermostats and sensors throughout your home. It is a modular system that is fully scalable up to 24 heating zones. It allows convenient control of your whole home, enabling you to maximise comfort and heating efficiency from a central location. Ideal for control of all type of electric heating systems; underfloor heating, radiant panels, convector heaters or ceiling heating.


  • Wireless installation between control system components reduces wiring costs and decoration disruption
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Modular system – fully scalable for future expansion (up to 24 zones)


  • Colour touch screen panel for simple use
  • Convenient centrally control
  • Wirelessly controls your whole house heating system

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