ECOFILM SET Underfloor Heating Elements

ECOFILM SET Underfloor Heating Elements

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ECOFILM SET Underfloor Heating Elements offer simple and fast installation, with no need for self levelling compound.

The set is available in three different widths with standard lengths up to 10m. The element lengths can be reduced on site if necessary and are supplied as standard with 5m “cold tails”. Available in two standard power dissipations: 130 Watt for internal living areas and 160 Watts for conservatory use.

ECOFILM SET is NOT designed for use in wet areas such as bathrooms or shower rooms


  • Approved to EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008)
  • Two heat outputs - 130W/m2 and 160W/m2 for conservatory use
  • Available in 3 widths - 300mm, 500mm & 1000mm for maximum floor coverage
  • Quick installation - Simply roll out the underfloor heating elements and connect
  • Extremely low build height - Less than 7mm
  • Dry Installation - No self-levelling compound required
  • Suitable for laminate, engineered board and certain real wood floors
  • When used in conjunction with ECOMAX-DUO, ECOFILM SET is suitable for carpet and vinyl floors
  • EMC Safe - Tested by NEMKO

Floor Construction

ECOFILM SET Underfloor Heating Elements

Before laying ECOFILM SET underfloor heating on either a suspended wooden floor or concrete sub-floor it is necessary to install a layer of ECOMAX-LITE thermal insulation. This will minimise heat losses and ensure quicker heat-up times for the floor. It will also act as a means of sound deadening which is required for laminate floors.

Roll out the pre-cut lengths of ECOFILMSET taking care to locate the “cold tails” on the wall nearest the thermostat connection box. Trim to length as required and insulate trimmed ends as per instructions before taping the element into position. Always take care NOT to overlap the heating elements. Cover the total floor including non heated areas with a layer of Polyester Vapour Barrier (PVB) before laying the chosen floor covering.

TOP LAYER - Laminate / Timber Floor
SECOND LAYER - Polyester Vapour Barrier
FIFTH LAYER - Wood / Concrete Sub Floor

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