ECOMAX-Duo Underfloor Heating Dual Board Overlay System

ECOMAX-Duo Underfloor Heating Dual Board Overlay System

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ECOMAX-DUO is a dual board overlay system suitable for use over ECOFILMSET underfloor heating. It is a dry lay system that creates a free floating sub-floor that is extremely stable and is instantly ready to receive the finished floor covering.

ECOMAX-DUO provides a smooth stable laying surface onto which most finished floor coverings can be fixed.

This enables ECOFILMSET elements to be used to provide under carpet heating. ECOMAX-DUO also allows underfloor heating to be used under vinyl or luxury linoleum floors.

Installation of ECOMAX-DUO is quick, clean and simple, the system consists of a baseboard and top board, each with a layer of contact adhesive.


  • Allows ECOFILMSET to be used for under carpet heating
  • Creates a stable sub-floor
  • Simple installation
  • Low build height - Only 7mm thick

Technical Detail

  • Dimensions - 600mm x 1200mm
  • Pack contents - 4 base boards & 4 top boards (2.88m2)
  • Material - MDF coated with contact adhesive
  • Density - 770 kg/m3
  • B2 fire class
  • Thermal Resistance - 0.07m2oK/W

Floor Construction

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