Soleheat Electric Underwood Heating Mat Kit

Soleheat Electric Underwood Heating Mat Kit

Soleheat Underwood foil heating mat kits are industry leading heating systems that can be used as a primary heating source. When used in conjunction with XPS or Classic Underlay, the warm up time and running costs can be reduced as much as 25%. This makes the Soleheat Underwood foil heating mats the perfect solution to radiant heating under engineered and laminate floors (please check recommended installation method below).

Soleheat 140w underwood heating mats comprise of the thinnest 2mm fluoropolymer (Teflon) coated, dual-core resistive heating cable on the market. The cables are encased between two layers of heat reflective aluminium foil. The specific spacing of the heating elements, encased by the two layers of aluminium foil provide even heat distribution. Making fitting the Soleheat 140w underwood foil heating mat suitable for any DIY enthusiast. All electrical connections must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

All our Underfloor Heating Mats are 500mm wide.

Soleheat underwood heating mat kits come with everything required to install the Soleheat underfloor heating system, meaning there is no need for any additional components. Everything you need in a box.

Soleheat underwood heating mats come with a peace of mind lifetime guarantee (50 years) as we only use the highest quality components sourced across the globe. Soleheat heating systems do not utilise PVC as an outer coating which are an inferior casing, meaning you can rest assured that once installed, your Soleheat underfloor heating system will last a lifetime.

The kit includes everything you require for the full installation:-

- Soleheat Undewood Heating matt

- Thermostat of choice (please select at checkout)

- Duck tape

- 2m conduit length

- Aluminium Bridging tape

Soleheat Electric Underwood Heating Mat Kit

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