Heatmiser Dial Thermostat with Setback – DS-SB

Heatmiser Dial Thermostat with Setback – DS-SB

Product Code: Dial Thermostat with Setback – DS-SB
£39.50 inc VAT

This Dial Thermostat with Setback has been designed to work in conjunction with the UH3 wiring centre and TM4 Programme, but could equally be used as a standalone dial thermostat. DS-SB Set Back Thermostat is a simple but energy efficient control system. A set back function will automatically reduce the set temperature by 4C when no time clock signal is detected.

This thermostat is set manually to “Daytime” temperature. A “Set Back” mode reducing temperature by 4ºc is controlled by a Central Timer Clock (Part Number JGTM4). A manual override allows for permanent “Daytime” or permanent “Set Back”. Neons indicate “Daytime” and “Set Back” mode and confirm if the room is calling for heat.

• Slide switch mode select (Constant, Off, Time Clock)
• 5-35C temperature range
• 4C set back function
• 230v, 3A switch rating
• CE approved
• Product Code – DS-SB

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