Heatmiser Neokit 2 – White or Black

Heatmiser Neokit 2 – White or Black

Product Code: Neokit 2 – White or Black

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The Heatmiser neoKit 2 includes all you need you need to take full control of your heating and hot water from anywhere. The kit includes 1 neoStat, 1 neoStat-hw and a neoHub available in either White or Black.

Upgrading your system is as easy as swapping your existing thermostat to the new neoStat and plugging the neoHub into your router. Control of your heating system is then possible from your iOs or Android mobile device.

Neo is mesh based, automatically routing the communication data around your home via other neoStats. The neoHubs communicates with the Heatmiser Cloud server which means no technical computer knowledge or fixed IP address are required.

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