Premium 6mm Tile Backer Insulation Board

Premium 6mm Tile Backer Insulation Board

The Soleheat Tile Backer Board is the perfect insulation panel for use with our Soleheat electric heating systems. The board will dramatically reduce heat loss and running costs by up to 25%.

The ultra-light weight backer board can be easily cut to size or to work around fixed appliances using a craft knife and are perfect for transporting on site due to their lightweight but strong structure.

Tile backer boards can be mechanically fixed to timber subfloors using screws and washers and / or fixed to solid subfloors using a flexible tile adhesive. The boards are moisture resistant and will reduce movement within the subfloor, making tiling on top of the system very simple.

Each board is 1200x600 (0.72m2) and come in 6mm, 20mm, 30mm & 50mm thicknesses to cater for all needs.

For example, for a room 2m x 5m (10m2) you would require 14 boards.

Our Tile Backer Boards have been engineered to withstand compression values of up to 30 tonnes per m2, whilst being extremely lightweight, highly efficient and competitively priced - making this durable thermal insulation a perfect choice for use when installing electric underfloor heating on to a concrete, screed or wooden subfloor.

Please note: Flexible tile adhesive is required under both concrete, screed and wooden subfloor installationâs but a further fixing method is required when applying on to a wooden subfloor (mechanical fixing of screws & washers at 300mm intervals).


Board Dimension1200mm x 600mm
Material TypeExtruded Polystyrene, Fibreglass Mesh & Cementitious Coating
Thermal Conductivity0.027 W/mk
Material Density>30 kg/m3
Compression Strength30 t/m2
Vertical Tile Weight Load50 kg/m2
Moisture Absorption<0.1 vol %
Euroclass Fire RatingB Euroclass

Premium 6mm Tile Backer Insulation Board

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