The neoStat is a 230v powered thermostat with a volt free switch. The neoStat communicates to the neoHub and other neoStats within your home, to create a fully controllable network system of your home heating.

Simple installation is key with Neo. NeoStat has been designed to replace an existing three wire thermostat, and after joining the zone to the neoHub, remote control is possible.

Watch our video here and be surprised how easy SmartPhone control of your heating can be! The neoStat can be configured to work as a thermostat or as a timer - so if you want to take control of your towel rails, or lighting - Neo offers you this and more!

Mesh Networking

neoStat communicates wirelessly to the neoHub to offer a reliable and scalable network system. The mains powered neoStat automatically repeats the data signal from other neoStats in the home.

Easy Navigation

The neoStat series offers an easy to navigate programming system, providing all of the options across the bottom of the back lit display.

Self Learning Preheat

Self Learning Preheat calculates the amount of heat up time required to ensure your home is warm when you wake and return home.

This is automatically optimised throughout the year to save you money and will automatically detect any changes in your home that causes the preheat time to change.

Heatmiser neoStat Smart Thermostat

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