Infrared Heating Cassettes

Radiant Heating Cassettes

Flexel infrared heating cassettes offer gentle natural warmth. This provides cost effective and efficient comfort as either primary or complementary heating in localised or hard to heat areas.

The cassettes offer improved thermal comfort in the home, office or industrial environments. They can also be used in areas where traditional central heating systems may not be suitable.

Our range of radiant heating cassettes includes medium output cassettes (300W & 600W) for wall or overhead mounting to a maximum height of 4.0 metres.

They are suitable for surface mounting, suspension by chains or laying into a suspended ceiling grid in new or existing buildings.

The panels are maintenance free, easy to clean with a white semi-smooth paint finish. For added safety they come complete with a built in thermal cut-out and can be easily controlled using the Flexel range of electronic air sensing thermostats.

The Ecosun cassettes offer many advantages over convection or warm air heating systems.

They provide localised heating so only the area required is warmed. If mounted on the ceiling , the entire wall and floor space is available to be used. . This also reduces the risk of accidental damage to the appliance.

The infrared heater is also not affected by ventialtion or air extraction systems making them suitable for areas with high air change rates.


  • Ideal for localised or hard to heat areas
  • Suitable for home, office, commercial and industrial environments
  • Cost effective and efficient comfort
  • Available in 300W & 600W outputs
  • Does not utilise air currents, unlike traditional central heating systems

Technical Detail

  • 22 gauge galvanised steel radiating surface
  • Fully insulated panel to optimise performance and minimise heat losses through the rear panel surface
  • Fits into standard “T” bar suspended ceiling
  • Standard finish: White semi-smooth
  • 24 gauge galvanised steel backing plate
  • 1.5m heat resisitant cable attached
  • Thermal over-load protection
  • Mounting heights for ceiling products: 2.4m min - 4.0m max


Infrared heating cassettes from Flexel International are quick and easy to install. The diagram below shows how to install cassettes in a few simple steps. These cassettes are designed to work with our range of underfloor heating thermostats.

Infrared Heating Cassettes

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