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Electrical Accessories

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Electrothermic Manifold Actuator

Watts Electrothermic Actuators, series 22C, are ON/OFF devices used for automatic actuation of each ..

£14.34 Ex Tax: £11.95

Heatmiser RF Switch - Two Zone Wireless Receiver

The RF Switch is our flush mount wireless thermostat receiver. It is capable of controlling 2 heatin..

£45.65 Ex Tax: £38.04

Heatmiser boost – Neo & RF Series Repeater / Signal Extender

The Heatmiser Boost is our Neo & RF Series Repeater. The Boost is surfa..

£49.99 Ex Tax: £41.66

Heatmiser Dial Thermostat with Setback – DS-SB

This Dial Thermostat with Setback has been designed to work in conjunction with the UH3 wiring centr..

£39.50 Ex Tax: £32.92

Heatmiser Digital Dial Thermostat – DS1-L

A best quality Digital Dial Thermostat is a central heating dial type thermostat incorporating an LC..

£26.60 Ex Tax: £22.17

Heatmiser Manual Dial Thermostat – DS1

A best qualtity Heatmiser Manual Dial Thermostat is the electronic dial thermostat for electric floo..

£21.60 Ex Tax: £18.00

Heatmiser Neokit 1 in White or Black

The Heatmiser neoKit 1 includes a neoStat and neoHub in either White or Black, allowing you to take ..

£199.99 Ex Tax: £166.66

Heatmiser Neokit 2 – White or Black

The Heatmiser neoKit 2 includes all you need you need to take full control of your heating and hot w..

£269.99 Ex Tax: £224.99

Heatmiser Neostat HW – Hot Water Programmer

The standard neoStat is a 230v powered timer with a changeover contact, making it ideal for sta..

£69.00 Ex Tax: £57.50