12sqm Single-zone Wet Underfloor Heating Kit


Soleheat Water Underfloor Heating Systems are the ideal choice for homeowners and tradesmen wishing to install a European Premium Branded water underfloor heating kit.

The Single Zone kit is designed to easily run off an existing radiator system making it a very simple installation. This single zone underfloor heating kit is an ideal solution for heating a small extension, en-suite or smaller room in your home.

Please Note: Soleheat Water Underfloor Heating kits feature water temperature control, beware of systems without this facility. We only supply high quality Premium European Standard pipe. The aluminium layer acts as an oxygen barrier, preventing the oxygen diffusion through the polymer matrix, which stops corrosion of the metal components in the system.


This kit will provide 12sqm of coverage at 200mm pipe centres and comes with all the materials and connections for quick and easy installation (a Heatmiser Digital Thermostat comes as standard within this kit).

Water Underfloor Heating Kit Components:


Ø  A rated UPS 2 Grundfos Single Circuit Constant Supply Temperature Unit

Ø  16mm Novatherm Premium Multilayer Pipe x60m

Ø  60mm Pipe Clips x150

Ø  25m Perimeter Insulation Roll 

Ø  16mm pump connector pair

Ø  Heatmiser Digital Thermostat (included as standard)

Ø  Pipe Reamer

Ø  Pipe Cutter

12sqm Single Zone Wet Underfloor Heating Kit

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