Soleheat Standard 16sqm Single Zone Water Underfloor Heating Kit

Soleheat Standard 16sqm Single Zone Water Underfloor Heating Kit

Product Code: Soleheat Standard 16sqm Single Zone Underfloor Heating Kit

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The Soleheat 16sqm kit is designed to easily run off an existing radiator system making it a very simple installation. The 16sqm single zone underfloor heating kit is an ideal solution for heating a small extension, ensuite or smaller room in your home.

This kit will provide 16sqm of coverage and comes with all the materials and connections for quick and easy installation. If you intend to install this kit on joists across a suspended floor you will need to buy an additional 40 aluminium spreader plates (2.5 plates/sqm).

Coverage: 12sqm – 274qm
– 12sqm at 150mm pipe spacing. Close spacing for conservatory and high heat loss areas in your home.
– 16qm at 200mm pipe spacing. Recommended spacing for even heat coverage in living room, bedroom, bathrooms – this is the most common use for this kit
– 24sqm at 300mm pipe spacing. Ideal as a background heat source alongside a radiator system or to give your home that little extra warmth

Zones: 1
Single zone kit designed to heat one room or 16sqm.

Kit contents:
– Temperature control and pump unit
– Pipe Cutters
– Heatmiser Slimline Digital Thermostat
– Pipe Clips [x100]
– Rifeng Pipe (multilayer) [80m]
– Pipe Reamer
– Manifold Pump
– Connectors and valves

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