Soleheat Standard 60sqm Multi-zone Wet Underfloor Heating Kit

Soleheat Standard 60sqm Multi-zone Wet Underfloor Heating Kit

Product Code: Soleheat Standard 60sqm Multi-zone Underfloor Heating Kit

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The Soleheat 60sqm kit comes with everything required for a competent home DIY individual or skilled underfloor heating installer to  complete the fitting easily. The 60sqm multi-zone underfloor heating kit is an ideal solution for heating up to 3 individual zones in your home, as well as allowing each to have an individual thermostat fitted if desired (the kit comes with 1 thermostat as standard).

This kit will provide 60sqm of coverage and comes with all the materials and connections for quick and easy installation.

Coverage: 45sqm – 90sqm
– 45sqm at 150mm pipe spacing. Close spacing for conservatory and high heat loss areas in your home.
– 60qm at 200mm pipe spacing. Recommended spacing for even heat coverage in rooms with regulated temperatures- this is the most common use for this kit
– 90sqm at 300mm pipe spacing. Ideal as a background heat source alongside a radiator system or to give your home that little extra warmth

Zones: 3
The 3 port manifold and actuators allows control and flow to 3 separate zones/rooms. Please contact us if you would prefer a manifold with a different number of ports

Kit contents:
– High Output 3 Speed A-rated Grundfoss 15/60 Circulation Pump
– Automatic Water Temperature Control Mixing Valve
– 3 Port Manifold
– PEX-AL-PEX Pipe [300m]
– 60mm Pipe Clips [x300]
– Edge Insulation Roll [50m]
– Connector Cores [x6]
– Heatmiser Slimline Digital Thermostat
– Pipe Reamer
– Pipe Cutter

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