The Slimline Pro Digital features advanced controls for an entry-level thermostat. Able to use either floor, air or combination sensors to control the temperature, the Slimline Pro Digital is fully programmable for each individual day of the week.

Available in stylish and contemporary white design with touch sensitive keys, the display has a modern white back light and offers both a holiday mode and manual override, plus up to four set points each day.

All ProWarm™ thermostats come with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • - Can switch up to 16 amps, (230v AC)
  • - Adaptive start learning function
  • - °F / °C temperature format can be selected
  • - 12/24 Hour clock system can be selected
  • - Programs and settings can be reserved after power break
  • - 25 year warranty
  • - Supplied with a 3 Meter Remote Floor Probe

ProWarm Pro Digital Thermostat

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