Why you need underfloor heating


Bring Your Home Into The Twenty-First Century With Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is often associated with high class hotel rooms and modern Scandinavian living in minimalist glass houses by Swedish lakes. But this highly efficient, luxurious way of warming your home is not as out of reach as you think.

Improved air quality

Underfloor heating works through a system of electrical coils or hot water pipes that heat up under your floor and generate a constant level of warmth from beneath your feet. While it will banish the rapid tip toeing through your tiled bathroom floor on a cold winter's day it will also create a healthy circulation of warm air around your home. Radiators will often cause stale warm air to accumulate and be pushed through convection in your living space whereas underfloor heating improves the overall air quality of the rooms it is installed into. In addition to this underfloor heating results in minimum air movement so you won’t get the same dust that travels around your home that is produced from the convection radiators create.

More space to work with

Not only does it freshen the air of your home but it also increases your space with no need for clunky radiators taking up the room. With it’s neater and hidden away design it gives a cleaner and modern feel to your home allowing you to channel your inner interior designer and work with your new-found space.

Perfect for your pocket

Underfloor heating is also highly affordable starting from just £75 per square meter. It will cut your energy bill monthly as they do not need to be heated to the same high temperatures as radiators. In addition, they are far more reliable and need half as much maintenance. So if you’re looking to renovate your home consider how you could fit this into your new design. You really can’t go wrong with a dependable system that loves your home as much as your pocket.

Heats up your home faster

The extensive span of the heating means they will warm up a larger area quicker so no more coming home to a chilly house and having to shroud yourself in ski coats until the radiators begin to do their job. And to make things even better they are also available with remote and app control. A heated home is a happy home, so you can look forward to not having to race from your warm bed to the hot shower without freezing to death on December mornings.

No more annoying noises

You can also say goodbye to the annoying heating sounds your radiator makes all through the night as it clicks on and off. And if you don’t know what I mean and you’ve thought for the past ten years you’ve had a ghost trying to communicate with you while you’re tucked up in bed, don’t worry it was just the rowdy room heater under your windowsill. You won’t have to listen to any whining or moaning from your underfloor systems. They’re pretty introverted when it comes to the respect, and you can enjoy a better night sleep. Unless you have kids. I’m afraid we don’t have a solution for that one.

Thousands of years of popularity

This type of heating is the leading form of heating installation now in Europe and can be dated back to as early as 5000BC. Yes, we really are late to the party. From starting out as ‘baked stones’ in Korea thousands of years ago to the modernised thoroughly designed piping system of today, the concept has come a long way. With all those years of development it has become the most efficient and popular way to heat your home in many places and while it was once only for the rich and famous it is now possible to install yourself.

Works with all your flooring

If you’re worried about the limitations of floor coverings underfloor heating will work with you’ll be happy to know that the system is compatible with all floor types and finishes. They work particularly well under tiles making it perfect for your bathroom or kitchen.

Family Friendly

If you have a younger family, there is no need to worry about the sharp ages and hot surfaces that come with radiators around the home. The heating is safely tucked away out of sight and out of mind which will leave you with a little more piece of mind when watching the kids.

The only way to renovate

The numerous benefits that come with underfloor heating make this highly efficient, cost-effective and minimalist design something that is reinventing the way we heat our homes. Not only will it bring a comfort like no other to your living space, but it comes with a lifetime guarantee and a reliability you simply don’t get with any other form of heating. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to redo your bathroom or revamp the lounge this coming season make sure to bring it into the twenty-first century with underfloor heating. Because we both know how easy it will be repainting that wall without having to turn into a human spaghetti trying to reach behind that corrugated monster.